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My name is Shelby Ferdinand and on May 3rd of this year I was in an ATV accident. What’s worse is that I was in an ATV accident without insurance. My accident happened in North Vernon Indiana. It took two helicopters, an ambulance, a fire truck, a handful of policemen, and a small tank thing called an Argo four hours to get me out of the woods. From there I was air lifted to Methodist Hospital where I stayed for a total of about two weeks. I am currently a T10 incomplete, meaning I can’t feel from my belly button down and I may or may not walk again. Since I have no insurance (I am in the process of trying to get Medicaid but that’s a 90 day process even after being expedited by a doctor) I am currently unable to get any physical therapy, a wheelchair that is custom fit for me, driving lessons, hand controls, bathroom seats, etc. Any help that you can provide will help me get the things I need and also go towards my mountain of medical bill dept. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story, and be sure to stay tuned for updates on my progress.

Here is the link to my go fund me page. Please share and reblog, and if you have a second post to your other social networks.

Shelby was my first college roommate and an amazing person. Any little bit will help. Even just reblogging the post. Please help if you can. <3 Thank you all! 

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Anonymous asked: I see you enjoy sex... I enjoy sex too ;)

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i don’t have cookies but i’ll love you

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time for an early birthday dinner!


A feminism comic I did for my uni’s newspaper. I wish I had a bit more time to work on it, but I’m pleased with how it came out considering the tight deadline!

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It was time for a selfy (:
She&#8217;s sulking because I wouldn&#8217;t give her my sandwich. Silly puppy.




so i found this book


so being curious i had a look and


i dont know what i was expecting


this fucking book

My friend James masturbated to all of the pictures in that book

your friend james sounds like he may be in need of some counselling 

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11th doctor: *regenerates*
12th doctor: ... have i got eyebrows this time?

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